Galiceno Horse Breeders Association

President: Kit Kirkwood    Vice President:  Jennifer Williams

This video is of Amigo, 5 years old, taking care of a 4 year old girl at a barrel race and Dolly making only her 2nd run in the spur event. Dolly is a 4 yo Galiceno. These horses love a job and excel in a variety of disciplines. They make great horses for both kids and adults! Visit our FB page - Galiceno Horse Breeders Association.

It doesn’t get much better than this! Amigo is once again taking care of his cowgirl while she is trying barrels out bareback! Then they get to have fun playing tag with her brother. These horses are owned by Bill and Kit Kirkwood (BKK Horses).  For information on Galiceno Horses please call 813-783-4011 or visit our FB page at Galiceno Horse Breeders Association.  Thanks for watching!


This is a video of 4 different Galicenos.  It should give you a good idea of their amazing dispositions and versatility!​  Visit our FB page - Galiceno Horse Breeders Association.

This video is meant to show people how nice, kind, smart and easy going Galiceno horses are!

Don't underestimate a Galiceno!   Here is a 3 year old BRIDLELESS & Bareback.